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Why an Airstream

When I was first running all this through my head I felt that a class C motor home would be ideal. I knew that a big class A would be too expensive but a class C (that’s the one with the van front) would be affordable. I never even considered a trailer. Too small. I’d have to buy a big pick up truck to go with it plus I just envisioned myself in a totally self contained set up.

Then I went to the Ocala RV show. I had never been to one and as a matter of fact had never really had that much exposure to RV’s at all. I wanted to look at the class C motor homes and maybe have a little fun and tour the big class A’s. As I walked through the place and went into a few class C’s I would picture myself living in one. I realized that they were just too small. Not practical for what I wanted to do. I had to have room for an office to be able to work on the road and with every floor plan I saw it just wasn’t working. Oh sure there was a huge thing built on a heavy duty Chevy truck chassis that had plenty of room but it was over $100,000. The class A’s, as I knew, were way out of my price range.

I toured some trailers and wasn’t impressed. They looked cheaply constructed. The slide outs were cool but for what I wanted to be doing I wouldn’t always be in a situation where I would be able to deploy them. When they were in everything was cramped. Not only that but all I could see was the day the thing broke and wouldn’t slide, in or out. I felt they were great for people who wanted to go camping for vacation but I was going to be doing this full-time. I needed something built a little better than that.

As I walked around I came to the Airstream display. I didn’t even know they were still making the things. I went into a 31 foot Classic and it just hit me. This was it. It looked so well constructed and for the first time I could actually see myself doing this. I toured all the models. They had a few smaller Bambi’s and I think an International. I didn’t talk to a salesman or anything, just took notes in my head.

After that show I started doing some research on the Internet about Airstreams and found that it was all coming together. Not only do they still make them there’s a huge following, especially for vintage. In a nutshell. A SOB (some other brand) is ready for trade in five years while an Airstream at five years is barely broken in. More on my research later included some praise for The VAP. Stay tuned.


February 27, 2008 - Posted by | Preflight

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