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Meet Hank and LuLu

Okay, so the last time I updated this blog was three years ago. I’m right on time. Back then the plan was to wait until my youngest was in her senior year of high school and get the truck and Airstream. I started the blog way before I had anything to say. Well, I have stuff to say now. My daughter is approaching graduation (with honors I might add) so it’s time to introduce Hank and LuLu.

A few months ago I started my research in earnest into a tow vehicle and decided on a Chevy Silverado . We found it in Plant City, Florida. A 2002 with a whopping 8.1 liter gas engine. I wanted something that would be able to handle anything we threw at it. We saw it the first time on a rainy night and took it for a ride. The previous owner’s dog, an extremely plump Pug named Hank, was all over us, very happy to make friends with two strangers. We went back the next week in the daylight and closed the deal. Margo, who names EVERYTHING, named it Hank.

Now we had a truck so we started looking for the Airstream. I knew I had a few months so just started casually looking. We took a trip to Tampa and looked at a 1999 25 footer. Very nice and we were actually considering it. I went to the Credit Union the next day only to find out that they would not finance anything older than 6 years. I looked some more and found a 2008 25 foot Safari at JD Sanders in Gainesville, FL. It was only 35 miles away, and since they are our closest Airstream dealer, we took a ride. After taking a look we knew we had found it. They worked with us to make the deal and we took her home the next week. Margo who, did I say, names EVERYTHING, named her LuLu. No cute dog this time, it just sounded right.

Now the real fun begins; selling and tossing our belongings, selling or renting the house etc. Sounds really easy in a short sentence but we know we have our work cut out for us. We have a great incentive sitting in the driveway though.

The posts will start coming regularly now – I have stuff to say.


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  1. Nice blog and the airstream looks nice as well. Im sure you guys will have a ton of fun in that thing. Don’t forget to look us up when you hit albuquerque sometime. Just figure out “red or green” before you come it makes things move along more quickly. Be sure to tell the better half hello for us.

    Comment by scott | March 27, 2012 | Reply

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