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Rodman Dam

We took our first trip this weekend for one night to Rodman Dam Campground.  It’s part of the Florida Greenway and Cross Florida Barge Canal project the was on again and off again since the 1930’s.  The original plan was to dig a canal through Florida from east to west to save transit time.  The project was only partially done then stopped.  The canal portion still exist today but only a small part.  For the entire story, and it’s an interesting one, go here.

The campground is extremely nice, laid back and clean.  We wanted no excitment, just a day to relax and also to get LuLu out and about to learn the ropes.  Baby steps.  If we don’t break anything the trip is a success.  By road trip standards it was a small trip, 40 miles up and 40 miles back but huge for our confidence.  We still have a long way to go and aren’t getting cocky but we feel much more comfortable after this trip.

We met a nice retired couple, Lance and Maria, very experienced RV’ers from whom we learned so much as well as getting to know them a little bit.  They left to go back to Cocoa Beach and we soon headed back to Ocala.  It was everything we wanted, peace and quiet.  Actually not much more to report than that but that was the plan.

Views of the site and view out our front window.


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