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Wandering Oaks

Well it’s been over a month.  We last left you at Wilderness RV Resort just east of Ocala and now we come to you from Wandering Oaks RV Park north of Ocala, about 12 miles or so (more on the new digs in a few but first an update).

Things are progressing well.  The house is about taken care of.  Many many little decisions about what to keep and what to get rid of.  The experts say if you haven’t used it in 6 months get rid of it.  Yeah right.  You pick something up and immediate remember where you got it, why you got it and more importantly the memories it brings back.  I had to keep telling myself  ‘you live in a trailer now’.  Luckily pictures can be scanned so they can come along.  All of the CDs have been sent to the cloud.   The most important knick knacks have gone to storage.  We are limiting ourselves to a 5 x 10 storage unit and have plenty of room left.  We’re still a few yard sales from being done but the sorting part if pretty much done.

As for LuLu’s new parking spot.  I really liked it at Wilderness.  Nice people, professionally run, always clean and absolutely no complaints.  There were a few drawbacks though.  There are not very many trees in the park other than small pines that look nice but don’t offer much shade.  I had one of the few sites that had a tree and it gave some shade in the afternoon but not enough to make much of a difference.  The AC was coming on by noon and running into the evening.  My MiFi was working well but on 3G and now Ocala has 4G, however not that far east.   Even though we’re still staying local it’s nice to have the ability to hook up and move – so that’s what we did. It’s getting hot here folks.  Summer in Florida is not what the postcard people want you to think.  It’s getting nasty.

Wandering Oaks is not as flashy as Wilderness.  No work out room.  No dog park and not even a pool.  It does however, as the name implies, have oak trees.  Lots of em.  There is shade aplenty and I’ll take that over a pool any day.   It’s also a Benjamin cheaper so that’s a good thing too.  It’s in the corridor between Ocala and Gainesville.  My MiFi does back flips when I turn it on – 4G is the bomb.

Filtered shade all day.

It’s been hitting 90 but the site has shade in the morning and afternoon and I haven’t run the air at all.  The cool breeze just blows through.  I’ll need it soon enough but certainly not as much.  Oh yeah, and they have a tree guy that comes by regular so no worries about LuLu having a tree branch bounce off  her noggin.

Meetin’ hall. Gotta love the rocking chairs.

Jenna’s graduation is coming up in just a few weeks.  Cheryl is coming back from California for that and to stay a while so that’s a great thing.  Margo is working a new job.  I won’t go into details here but those of you who know her can call and get the details on that.  With all that going on Florida is still where it’s at for us.  We’re nestled in the trees so all is well.

Till next time.


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