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My Backyard

We all have our comfort zones.  For most of us it’s our house or apartment.  Our part of the world where we feel safe.  A lot of that feeling comes with the familiarity of it all.  The sounds that you hear have already been identified.  The smells.  The fact that all your stuff has a place and you can for the most part find things quickly and easily.  In a house you have an extremely large amount of room for your stuff.  You might not think you do but you do.  You have multiple rooms – rooms with specific purposes. You have at least 8 foot ceilings, closets for all your clothes, etc.  You probably have a yard, front and back.  You have neighbors that you have known for years. 

In an RV, not so much.  My house fits in between the white line and the yellow line on the road.  My house can go under a highway overpass.  My house has closets the size of your kitchen cabinets.  When I get to a different place I have to get used to the sounds all over again.  New neighbors.  My house smells sometimes (although they make chemicals for that).  So why in the world would I want to live like this?  Well, it’s all about the backyard – I can change mine. 

This is the campground at the Santos bike trails.  I’ve written about it before, last fall.  I came again this past Friday because it really is a world-class place.  The most amazing thing about Santos is that some company hasn’t  come in and claimed it then start charging Disney World prices, although if that did happen the people would  still come.  The trails at Santos are free.  The campground is $17.00 a night.  That’s it.  People come from all over the country to ride here, it’s that good, truly one of Florida’s best kept secrets.  A really cool backyard.

After a day at Santos I decided to move to an RV park.  Santos is for recreation, not living – a destination to go to and enjoy but then go home.   They have a 2 week  limit and I could have stayed but it would be a shame to be there and have to work.  My new digs are at Ocala Sun RV Park.   It’s off of I-75 south of Ocala.  All RV parks provide a place to park, 30 or 50 amp power, water and a few amenities.  Some fancier then others.  Some trashy.  Some way too commercial.  Most offer economical monthly rates.  Ocala Sun hits the bullseye.  It’s not overly fancy but classy.  Extremely clean.  My new bath/shower facility has all new tile and shower stalls with attached changing area. My new clubhouse is huge, well-appointed with a full kitchen and banquet facilities.  Oh yeah, and a pool table.  I never had a pool table in my house but I do now.   I have a swimming  pool now.  Never took the plunge and got one in the past (okay yeah I know… that was bad).

The pool

My point here is not that my lifestyle is any better or worse than anyone elses.  I’ve given up the intrinsic value of comfort by longterm association for the excitement of adventure.  It’s really whatever makes you happier.  For me it’s a new backyard every now and again.  I’m looking forward to many more.  We still have business here in Ocala to attend to so are still here but as you can see, there are many backyards around here to check out and enjoy.


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  1. You forgot to mention that unlike my house you can move yours when the kids find out where you live. Boy do I wish I could that.

    Comment by wayne cartwright | August 6, 2012 | Reply

  2. looks great Kevin, I have driven by a sign for that place I believe for years and always wondered if it was any good, it looks wonderful. You can let Ted know about your pool and that it is maintance free (for you)!

    Comment by Dawn | August 6, 2012 | Reply

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