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Blue Springs State Park

Well, we made it to Deland.  This is going to be a real busy week so I wanted to just touch base and let everyone know all is well in Central Florida.  As I said earlier we’re here to work my green screen photo booth at a big dog show here next weekend.  I came early to be able to prepare.  I have to be set up bright and early Friday so this allows me to work my day job here at the campground through the week (with Verizon 4G goodness) and be ready to go Friday.  Oh, and a bit of recreation thrown in.

Blue Springs State Park is located just south of Deland on the St Johns River.   As the name implies it has a head spring with crystal clear 72 degree water bubbling up from the aquifer far below.  The manatees seem to like this and much to their satisfaction some people got together and decided to create a state park to protect them.

Back in 1971 Jacques Cousteau filmed a documentary here, ‘The Forgotten Mermaids’, as part of his adventure series, ‘The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau’.   When I was  a kid I never missed a good Jacques Cousteau episode.  That was our Discovery Channel back in the day.  Now we have storage shed war shows and pawn shop shows. Glad we evolved to higher forms of entertainment…….  I don’t specifically remember that episode but I’m sure I saw it, all the while begging my mom to let me stay up until it was over.

Part of the boardwalk.

Site 14. Nestled in the woods.

Feel free to visit the web site for the park here.  They do a much better job of explaining the history.  Monday morning I’ll ride the bike trails then get settled in and get to work.

I’ll take some pictures of the booth at the dog show to give you an idea of how things are going there.

Till then.


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  1. Ted and I have never been there but it looks great. We want to buy a couple of bikes, although I want beach cruisers, I think better suited for us, I get all the spin I need at the gym. Could we use bike cruisers on those trails? We have a great time – I know you are working but enjoy the park as much as you can and let us know all about the weekend! love dawn

    Comment by Dawn | September 17, 2012 | Reply

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