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My brother was hospitalized once with a condition that possibly required surgery.  I was visiting when the surgeon came by on his rounds.  He blew into the room with a couple of assistants.  This guy was a man’s man.  An operating room veteran with a local reputation to go with it.  Stethoscope around the neck and white coat open just so.  He looked over my brother and said, “I think we’ll just leave our knives in our pockets today.”  Turns out he was right.  My brother was fine and went home a few days later.

I think I’m going to keep my keys in my pocket today.  We are at the tail end of a particularly nasty winter storm that moved up the east coast.  It snowed overnight here but not very much.  The problem is Bald Mountain and Sam’s Gap which are between me and Asheville, NC and in turn Perry, GA.  Due to the elevation, things get worse “on the mountain” as the locals say.  Friday offers temperatures above freezing so we’re going to move everything forward a day.

One of the nice things about being able to work from home and having a home that can go anywhere is the ability to be flexible.  My supervisor came through with moving my vacation days around – thanks Boss.  I can still work the dog show for 2 days, Saturday and Sunday rather than Friday and Saturday.  I have plenty of Christmas cookies for the duration – thanks Dawn and Lynn.  The cookies came special delivery from Margo who decided to come visit for Christmas.  When you have a woman who will travel 600 miles to see you then you know you hit the jackpot.  She had to leave the next day to get back (another 600 miles) but what a great Christmas present.


I hope you and yours had as great a holiday as I did.  We’ll talk again after the new year; after I get Flo and Mingo back to warmer ‘climes.


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  1. My husband once did that for me. You know travel 600 miles just to see me. Of course it was way back when. When we were in luuuuuuuv, you know, before we were married. Oh that’s right He’s the same guy you wrote about. Maybe surgery would have been better I’m sure they could have found something to fix. lol Have a safe trip home.

    Comment by Teresa | December 27, 2012 | Reply

  2. And he would still do it to this day.

    Comment by Kevin | December 27, 2012 | Reply

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