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Happy Earth Day

Hey folks,

This post has nothing to do with Earth Day – just thought I’d, as the kids say, give a “shout out” to the earth.

You know when you have to put quotes around what the kids are saying you aren’t cool anymore.  Oh well…  You also know that when you start getting e-mails from friends asking where the posts have been it’s time to print some news.  That my friends is what this post is really about.  I do wish I had some funny stories for ya, or exciting adventures to report but I don’t.  We’ve just been in Ocala doing the day to day which is really boring but things will soon be changing.

Back in June of last year Margo was offered a bank teller job by a good friend of ours.  At that time we weren’t ready to leave yet so she took it and promised them a year.  Well, June 8th is the year so here’s the plan.

In mid June we’ll be leaving Florida and heading to Savannah, GA for a few weeks.  There’s a dog show that I’ve booked so we’ll do that and spend some time exploring Savannah, Tybee Island and Hilton Head.  I’ve read a lot and seen countless History Channel shows over the years about the area and I’m looking forward to seeing it all in person.  After that the plan is to work our way to Eastern Tennessee  (Mom’s house – see a few posts back for pictures, just replace the snow with green grass).  They have enough elevation that it stays cool all summer – in comparison to Florida that is.  The locals don’t think so but give ’em a summer down here in the Humidity err… Sunshine State and they’d think differently.

There are some dog shows and a cat show (yeah, I’m considering going to the other side) in Greenville, SC and Spartanburg, SC in July that I’m booking.  The world championship disc dog competition  (that’s Frisbee to you and me) is in Chattanooga, TN in late September so that’s a possibility, not to mention something that would be really cool to watch.  I’ll book some agility events along the way in Tennessee and North Carolina.  I’m trying to book some shows in Eastern NC so I can mooch off my brother in coastal Carolina for a bit before heading west to the mountains. This will be the first he hears of this plan.  Hey ‘bro, can I park in your driveway?

That’s the beauty of this, being open to go anywhere.  The reality is I need to plan so we can work on the way.  The dog shows pay for the travel.  They follow the cool weather too so leaving as late in the season as we are kind of puts me out of sync.  We’ll catch up though.

We plan to head to Austin, TX in October or so as well.  There’s so much to see and do there and I think fall and winter would be a good plan.  We missed it this year but in March Austin hosted the Mighty Texas Dog Walk.  They try each year to break the world record for dog walking.   Over 10,000 dogs took part over a one mile stretch.  The record is 22,742 dogs who took part in the Great North Dog Walk  at Leas, in the UK, on June 12 2011.  Austin has a ways to go but I do believe it would be a great city to work my humble pet photo business.

So there ya go.  Stay tuned.  I promise more timely posts now that there will be more to write about.  Nothing is in concrete until the vending check gets written so there may be a bit of “recalculating” – I always wanted to work that into a post.

Till then,



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  1. sounds like you two are in for some real fun!

    Comment by Dawn | April 22, 2013 | Reply

  2. Some great destinations await you two! But don’t forget, we need to get the gang together before you take off.

    Comment by Carol | April 22, 2013 | Reply

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