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I Love a Rainy Night…….

…… except when it turns into a morning like this. DSCN1189 We arrived in Nashville safely last Sunday after a great mini family reunion in Eastern Tennessee at my Mom’s and settled into the Music City KOA.  This particular RV park is less than a mile from the Grand Ole Opry.  How’s that for being in the thick of it.  It’s also next to the Cumberland River, which flooded said Opry a few years ago.  You might remember the news stories back then.  It was quite devastating.  As is our habit though, before we decide on an RV park we do a Google Maps survey looking for anything close by that might be a hazard; you know, nearby fertilizer plants, fireworks factories, dams, lakes, rivers, streams, clown colleges.  Anything that might cause us to be awakened in the middle of the night and that might put our lives or our LuLu at risk.  Our site was less than 100 yards from the Cumberland River so it was of great interest to us.  A check though revealed that it was actually quite low.  With all in order we set up camp.

However, as with anything the “best made plans” sometimes just aren’t good enough.  Overnight on Wednesday we received about 4 inches of rain within an hour and a total of about 7 through the night.  Although the Cumberland River was handling it just fine the KOA’s drainage system did not.  The last three rows started flooding, and fast.  LuLu was stranded on a slight rise but Hank was in peril.  I got him to higher ground and then things started to settle down.  The rain slowed down and the blockage was fixed.  The water drained in a couple of hours and we were able to move LuLu to a new site.

"Looks like I'm dog paddling to the tree".

“Looks like I’m dog paddling to the tree”.


We discussed moving to another campground but felt that at least with this one we KNEW where it floods.  A new campground would be an unknown and with the current weather pattern of more rain expected we felt we should stay in a spot that was tried and true.DSCN1192

So Eddie Rabbit was right, we do love us a rainy night, just not a flooded morning.  Stay tuned.  There’s a post coming about our trip to Mom’s with bean picking goodness and we’ll have adventures in downtown Music City to report on.

High and dry on our new site.

High and dry on our new site.

Till then stay high and dry.


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  1. Yikes, that does not look like fun! Glad you’re all ok, including LuLu & Hank.

    Comment by Carol | August 9, 2013 | Reply

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