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I’m Alright…….

……“ain’t nobody worried ‘bout me”.  Kenny Loggins’ theme song from “Caddyshack” was playing in my head all afternoon this past Friday.  Ya see, I’d worked hard this week putting in the miles in a never ending northeast Nashville neighborhood.  After consulting my map in the morning I got a great idea.  I’d just go golfing.

Hank, happy in the clubhouse parking lot.

Hank, happy in the clubhouse parking lot.

Actually the Ted Rhodes Golf Course was in the survey area on my map.  A good section of the distribution line runs all over the course.  I figured I’d hit the links after 12:00 when most of the golfers had headed for the clubhouse to get out of the heat.  I didn’t look forward to dodging tee shots.

I checked in at the clubhouse with the pro, just to let him know what I was up to.  He couldn’t have been nicer.  “No problem. Now it’s hot out there. Bring some water.  You want a cart?  I’ll get ya a cart,” he said.  “No thanks”, I replied.  “I sorta have to walk it, that’s the point”.  He shot back, “Well that’s ridiculous but suit yourself.  Watch your noggin out there”.

So off I went to the first tee, a dogleg left with a wicked sand trap.  The map indicated to head toward the cart path and the river.  The Cumberland River runs next to the course so I checked that out.  Next a par 5 that would favor anyone with a slice.  All in all a good afternoon of work.  Yeah, it was hot but if you have to be outside you might as well be on the wide fairways of the Ted Rhodes.DSCN1292

The Cumberland River

The Cumberland River


Nine in ten people have no idea the yellow lines on the cart path mean a gas line is underground.

Most people have no idea the yellow lines on the cart path mean a gas line is underground.

Labor Day weekend is here.  We’re going to leave a few days early from the KOA, hook up LuLu Monday and head over to a Corps of Engineers campground south of Nashville (Seven Points).  There’s a recreation area there with a dam, reservoir and all kinds of outdoor opportunities.  Joining us for a couple of days will be our good friends from Ocala, Ron and Carol, as they make their way out west for vacation.  Mt. Rushmore is calling their names.

Where will we be going after that?  Who knows.  There’s talk of South Carolina but those details won’t be known until later next week when I get with the boss and get our marching orders.  Till then keep it out of the rough.


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  1. Diggin’ that pun at the end.

    Comment by Jenna | August 31, 2013 | Reply

  2. We’ll be there soon. Can’t wait to see you guys! 🙂

    Comment by Carol | September 1, 2013 | Reply

  3. I also love “keep it out of the rough” Have a good time with Ron and Carol and we wish we could also be there. Hope to see you both soon. love dawn

    Comment by dawn | September 2, 2013 | Reply

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