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Hit The Road Jack

…but you may just be coming back. Here’s the deal folks. We’ll be hitting the road at the end of the week. The company is sending us to Bessemer City, North Carolina. It’s a little bitty place about 25 miles west of Charlotte, population 5,300. It’ll be a small job, just 2 to 3 weeks, then the plan is for us to come back to Nashville and winter over here. There’s plenty of work left here in the Music City but Bessemer City needs a little attention too. We’re going to miss it here but at the same time we’re looking forward to a little small town atmosphere and change of scenery.

As I mentioned in the last post we planned to take in Oktoberfest and in fact did go last Saturday, along with half of Nashville and then some it seemed. The polka band was jammin’ and the beer was flowing but I have a beef with Mr. Samual Adams. Sam – $15.00 for a mug of beer! Really? We actually drew the line there and didn’t drink, just wandered around. Margo found the cat adoption tent and almost brought a little Tabby home but was informed that it was the shelter mascot and she could not have that particular kitty.

The streets were packed.

The streets were packed.

More cowbell!!!!

More cowbell!!!!

"Precious" certainly fit her name.

“Precious” certainly fit her name.

As you can see it was a shorts and flip flops kind of day last Saturday but as I write this a week later old man winter is knocking. He blew in a few days ago so we’ve transitioned to unpacking the winter clothes and sitting around the fire. Margo started a new craft project just in time for the season. She got turned onto making a Monk’s cloth afghan, aka Swedish weaving, from my brother’s wife Teresa back when we were together in late July at Mom’s. It’s in the early stages but I asked her to get going on it – brrrrr!DSCN1484


All in all we’ve enjoyed our stay here at Countryside RV Resort. It really is very quiet and peaceful as well as convenient to the big city. The Boys really enjoyed the meadows but are itchin’ to put on their road hound badges and get moving. It’s all about new sights and smells for them. Us too, although we’ll leave the sniffing to them.  We leave you with some scenes from the trailer park.

Each row has a theme.  We were sheep.

Each row has a theme. We were sheep.


Margo and "The Boys" in the meadow.

Margo and “The Boys” in the meadow.


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