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Train Kept A Rollin’

Hey Folks,

Remember the Aerosmith song with the above title?  We were reminded of it this week but not because we saw the “Bad Boys From Boston” in concert.  Let me explain.   As you know we were assigned to Bessemer City, NC and left Nashville last week for said little town just west of Charlotte.  As soon as I heard we were going I started my research on RV parks and things to see and do.  I’ve mentioned this in other posts.  I check the area for the best RV park especially paying attention to the surrounding area on Goggle Maps.  I want to know about that neighboring nuclear plant, old earthen dam or the always feared nearby clown college.  The problem in this case was the fact that there was only one RV park near Bessemer City and it was so new it wasn’t on Google Maps, or anyone’s map for that matter. We thought okay, we’ll just go for it.  I mean you really can’t have an adventure like this without a little livin’ on the fly.  It couldn’t be that bad could it?

We had an uneventful trip over the mountains, through Asheville and arrived at the campground after dark.  We checked in and paid for the week.  No problem finding the site, well okay a little problem backing in by flashlight but once we were in all was well.  I tended to my chores outside with unhooking things and connecting wires and hoses and such and Margo tended to hers with getting the inside back to living condition.  By now it was close to bedtime and we relaxed.  Then we heard it.  A far off rumble getting closer.  The dog water bowl started vibrating just a little bit (remember Jurassic Park). The rumble got louder and the screeching sounds began.  We looked at each other just as the whistle went off.  TRAIN!

My first thought was who would build an RV park right next to an active train track? Margo’s first thought was how many more would come through during the night? During the following week my question was never really answered.  Margo’s question was answered as the week went on. About 4 to 6 depending on the night.

This is the view from our front door at daybreak.

This was the view from our front door at daybreak.

We have a happy ending here though.  It always pays off to check with the locals so that’s what I did when I went to work on Monday with the Bessemer City Gas Department.  I hit the jackpot again ending up in this little town.  Everyone is down home country nice and willing to help especially the guy they have guiding me around.  He knows all the local spots and told me to check out the campground at nearby Moss Lake.  As I write this on Friday night, after a week of listening to trains, we are now listening to the sound of water over the Moss Lake spillway and the occasional Mallard duck.

Moss Lake from the front door.... much better.

Moss Lake from the front door…. much better.


Fall is here and the colors are spectacular.  Next time we’ll show you around these parts; the little towns of Kings Mountain, Shelby as well as Bessemer City.  This area deserves a post all it’s own and I’ll leave that one to Margo.  Stay tuned and look for it down the line.


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